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As Chaudhary Developer’s CEO, I firmly believe that Chaudhary Developer’s growth opportunities are unlimited, no matter how challenging the real estate environment, if we can achieve a place in the hearts and minds of our customers as a provider of innovative solutions for integrated communities that meet all needs and fulfill all dreams.

Chaudhary Developer is a company from which both society and our shareholders can truly benefit and profit.

I would like to take this opportunity to commit the Chaudhary Developer team and I will focus all our efforts on exceeding our customer’s expectations and fully satisfying their needs and requirements.”

CH. SARMAD NAEEM, Chaudhary Developers


With a strong presence in the Construction and Building industry, professional services is a vital bridgehead into our growth markets. We continue to broaden and deepen our technical expertise and provide end-to-end solutions including analysis, advice and planning.